About the Music ~ Ripple Love

A warm-hearted, feel-good 12-song collection illuminating messages of love, peace, and compassionate understanding, Ripple Love is an album that inspires us all to courageously experience life and love uncontained. Kathryn Cloward honors timeless connection with “Forever,” “Dorothy,” and “I Held His Hand.” She’s vulnerably confessional in “Honesty” and “You Inspire Me,” and optimistically hopeful in “Dark Cloud” and “Garden of Love.” The title track, “Ripple Love,” is an impactful song inspiring personal transformation to create a positive ripple effect of change throughout our planet as we choose to journey “The Purposeful Path” of our lives.

Ripple Love Song List + Lyric Links

1.  What I’m Here to Do
2.  Honesty
3.  Dark Cloud
4.  The Purposeful Path
5.  She Flew
6.  Warrior Woman
7.  Dorothy
8.  Forever
9.  You Inspire Me
10.  Garden of Love
11.  Ripple Love
12.  I Held His Hand

All songs written by Kathryn Cloward
Song 1, 7 & 11 music co-written by Barry Rosenbaum (John Rosenbaum & Katie Rosenbaum)
Song 2 music co-written with Jeff Berkley
© 2017 Kathryn Cloward | ℗ 2017 Kandon Unlimited, Inc.

A full list of production credits are listed here.