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“We Are Champions”

“We Are Champions” is the new for theme song for Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary Celebration of Champions® and was created in support of children fighting cancer and their families. We wrote, recorded, and released this song to help shine a light on courageous champions braving cancer and honor the legacy of the champions who are no longer with us. With a heart-centered mission to ripple love, compassion, and unity throughout the world while helping others every step of the way, we are directing proceeds from every digital download and Spotify stream of “We Are Champions” to Rady Children’s Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

Additionally, we have established the “We Are Champions” Bandcamp link to be a fundraising portal where you are able to input your own digital download amount — $1, $10, $100 or more.  Proceeds will be streamlined through Kandon Cares™ to support Celebration of Champions and children like Samara (the little girl featured in the song’s photo and videos below). We hope you will join our mission to help children fighting cancer and their families — one song at time.

Photo Video (Clip) of “We Are Champions” Featuring Samara

Kathryn and Samara Singing Together

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Supporting Champions With Helpful Hearts

We Are Champions – Production Credits

Lyrics, melody, and music written by Kathryn Cloward
Music co-written by Chris Anderson, Israel Garcia, Arnie Garcia, and Kris Dawson
©2018 Kathryn Cloward  | ℗2018 Kandon Unlimited, Inc.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Executive Producer — Kathryn Cloward
Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Kris Dawson
Drums, Conga & Hand Percussion — Israel Garcia
Bass — Chris Anderson
Electric Guitars — Arnie Garcia
Vocals — Kathryn Cloward
Youth Choir —Sarah Ball, Megan Bankes, Brooklin Bowles, Cabri Etzler, Kaden Gray, Teagan Lisama, Luigi Zarcone, Daniel Zuchelli

Behind The Scenes Photos
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Celebrating Champions – Meet Our Friend, Samara

Celebrating Samara’s Smile & Our Story Behind “We Are Champions”
by Kathryn Cloward

I have a special place in my heart for helping Rady Children’s Hospital because it helped save the life of one of the Kathryn the Grape characters, five-year-old Samara, the daughter of my dear friend Jennie Lapointe. For the past nine years, Jennie has helped me develop many of the concepts shared in the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series. Readers meet illustrated Samara in Kathryn the Grape’s Piece of Love. In the story, Samara and her mom help others by taking toys to children in the hospital. This is the “piece” they decided to share in the book because that’s what they actually do.

When Samara was 20 months old, the doctors at Rady Children’s removed one of her kidneys due to a tumor and she immediately started chemotherapy. In a span of 19 weeks, little Samara endured 13 chemotherapy treatments. As you can imagine, that was an extremely stressful time for Samara and her parents. With so much uncertainty in their midst, the compassionate and optimistic care provided by the expert staff at Rady Children’s and the programs provided by the hospital helped them get through the ordeal.

During that time, the one thing Samara looked forward to after every treatment was the opportunity to pick a new toy from the hospital’s toy box. This was huge for toddler Samara! In fact, the purple syringe she received in a toy medical kit has sat in my meditation space among my crystals since the day Samara gave it to me a three years ago. Ever since Samara’s main treatments ended, she and her parents have donated new toys for the toy box because Samara wants to help other kids feel happy after their treatments the same way she did.

Samara just celebrated her fifth birthday and she’s in remission thanks to Rady Children’s! While she’ll be in its continual care until she’s 18, Samara is considered a success story and her parents give all praise and gratitude to the hospital’s kind-hearted, expert staff.

As divine timing would have it, I was the featured guest on KSON Radio last year for “Write-A-Tune Tuesday” and it just happened to be a day when there was a Rady Children’s Hospital “Fill The Bucket” fundraiser happening throughout San Diego. With only 45 minutes to prepare, I wrote a song with my bandmate to support that fundraiser.

When the Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary heard the “Fill The Bucket” song, I was invited to share it at its Week of Giving gratitude event. Before I performed the song on stage with two of my bandmates, I spoke about Samara and how Rady Children’s helped her through cancer and how much I was personally affected as I did my best to help my friend Jennie during that time of uncertainty. I also shared how cancer affected my family, with my Dad’s passing less than a year prior. After performing the song, I was approached by the founder of Celebration of Champions and asked if I could help with its event. After learning about its needs and heart-centered work to help children and families fighting cancer, I offered to write the event’s new theme song.

I had a coffee meeting with the Celebration of Champions board members to get a well-rounded sense of their desires for the song. Inspired with purpose, I spent a few weeks writing the lyrics, melody and core music for “We Are Champions” as inspiration came to me. I invited Chris Anderson and Israel Garcia from my band to help develop the music, and together brought “We Are Champions” to life to debut at the 2017 event. It was life-changing for me; after I performed the song, I walked away and cried, knowing I was doing what I’m here to do — sharing messages of love in my unique way.

As a surprise, I worked for a few months behind the scenes with my Kathryn Cloward Band (Chris Anderson, Israel Garcia, and Arnie Garcia) and our producer friend Kris Dawson to bring “We Are Champions” to life as a recorded song. Knowing I wanted youth voices on the chorus like I did for my Kathryn the Grape’s We’re All In This Together album, I invited a few boys and girls to join me in the studio to sing on the track. You can hear the voices of Sarah Ball, Megan Bankes, Brooklin Bowles, Cabri Etzler, Kaden Gray, Teagan Lisama, Luigi Zarcone, and Daniel Zuchelli joyfully singing with me on the chorus and bridge of the song.

On February 6, 2018, I organized and headlined a four-band concert at Belly Up to benefit Rady Children’s Hospital and Celebration of Champions with my Kathryn Cloward Band, the same band that helped me bring this song to life. Everything connects!

What’s next for “We Are Champions?” My band and I will continue to support Celebration of Champions and children fighting cancer in every way we possibly can. I am working with the Celebration of Champions team to get approved video at this year’s May 12th event to create a music video for the song to help promote their cause. Also, “We Are Champions” is now released on Bandcamp, and soon on every digital music platform, whereupon the proceeds of every download and stream will be directed to Rady Children’s Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders streamlined through Kandon Cares™ to support Rady Children’s Hospital Celebration of Champions and Team Samara Smiles.

We hope the song ripples love throughout the world to bring abundant blessings to help every courageous champion fighting cancer.  THANK YOU for being part of the mission our help us help children fighting cancer — one song at a time.